Faced with reality, digital marketing is difficult. Even if we ourselves are experienced digital marketers, they can sometimes drive us crazy. Return on investment, effective brand building, finding our target market and speaking its language are all challenging things. We are not afraid. However, it is never too late to try new ideas around attracting audiences. Today we are here to talk about influencer marketing.


First, let’s start with the actual meaning of celebrity marketing.


What is influencer marketing?

Essentially, this is when brands work with celebrities to promote their products on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.


When we talk about celebrities, we are not referring to top celebrities. Don’t confuse this with celebrity endorsements, but real people with a large number of social media followers who really attract your target audience.


Therefore, instead of investing all this money in large-scale (and sometimes non-targeted) marketing campaigns and consumers, digital marketers are starting to invest in individuals with influence in the world who want to get involved in this field. And let them talk about product followers to their products. In return, they have got perfect customers who are willing to buy their brand, and also want to talk to friends about their love for the brand and products. This is like a new word of mouth.


Does it really work?

Yes, it works very well. The fact is so good, according to the 2018 celebrity marketing research report, 62% of marketers are increasing their celebrity marketing campaign budgets this year.


The reason why influencer marketing works is because if you do it right, your influencers are trusted people in the niche community, and they actually know (and invest in) their ads.


Potential customers and existing customers are just real, tangible people who trust ubiquitous advertising. Plus these days, they are smart enough to choose paid search and natural content placement. Now, people are particularly aware that a certain liar asked some girls to post an orange square, and as a result, they sold out a music festival that didn’t exist.


On the other hand, no matter what field they are in, a good celebrity will have a loyal following, and they will trust them and accept their opinions like friends. Look! Your product has just been sold.


Know your customers and audience

Having said that, this is not just about giving the product a popular personality on the “gram”. The tricky part of influencer marketing comes down to understanding the target audience and matching it with the influencer’s audience. Still determine whether the whole concept of influencer marketing is suitable for you-it may not apply to all products and businesses. Sometimes, traditional email marketing campaigns may still be more effective.


Although we all think we know our ultimate customers, you will be surprised how many brands and marketers lack their target audience. This is why it is important to step back and do some research before you start distributing your precious products.


If you don’t have a clear understanding of who your customers are and their online buying behavior, then it’s time to look back and ignore celebrities for now.


Really understanding the factors that drive and motivate consumers can also guide you to choose the right brand celebrities. Unfortunately, picking the most beautiful girl with the most followers does not always work.


After all, the people who have the most influence on your product are obviously the ones who can attract the audience you want and control the market you want to enter.