Don’t simply follow the people with the most accounts-their work costs are not only very high, but many references to your brand may fall on deaf ears.

  Navigate to the “Discover” tab and search for a small number of keyword service to find out who is posting popular videos in your niche.s related to your industry, product or service to find out who is posting popular videos in your niche.

  Document the users with the most followers or the most popular videos in this topic, watch their posts to determine the brand that suits you, and then consider promoting it.

  While doing this process, please also check the most popular videos related to these keywords under Discover> Top.

  Although there is not much public information about the inner workings of the TikTok algorithm, it seems that there is a component that can make anyone with delicious content quickly popular.

  The Later team discovered from a first-hand investigation report on the application that the content posted seems to have been “tested” on people who are not following you. If you perform well in the first group, the position that performs well in the first group will be offered to more non-followers. Coverage depends on performance.

  “After publishing your video, it will be offered to a small number of TikTok users among the popular videos on their “You” page. That’s why when you scroll in the “For You” page, you often see a very A video that few people like.

  If the user who initially received your video on their “Following” page received a good video, it is likely that the video will meet a larger user base, and then even more.

  Therefore, even if you only have a few followers on TikTok, your video may successfully soar! “

  Although this is a great encouragement when encouraging you to make your own original content, it also provides us with clues as to when to attract influencers because they are on the cusp of popularity.

  Micro influencers who have only one or two popular videos gaining attention through performance-based models may still attract a large number of followers (and price tags).

  When you filter popular videos from keyword searches and influential documents, please pay attention to these.