Marketing with TikTok is actually much simpler than you think.


For brands that want to use TikTok for promotion, there are currently three main options:

Create your own branded channel and upload videos related to your business

Use celebrities to open your content to a wider (but targeted) audience

Pay to use TikTok’s new campaign for advertising


On TikTok, we are full of interesting and creative marketing ideas. Here are some methods we hope you can use or draw inspiration from:

In today’s world, consumers are increasingly suspicious of advertising, and unedited original videos on TikTok can be a great way to show people using your brand in their daily lives.


TikTok videos can also be a good place to showcase behind-the-scenes or instant content of the business-for example:

HR can make the training more interactive by broadcasting live on TikTok


Landing pages can make you jump up to attract traffic to attract lead magnets


With such a young population, TikTok can become an ideal choice for higher education marketers and college students. There are already a lot of content to choose from on campus-sports, BTS, dance marathon, these are all good.


Boutiques can use TikTok to play popular try-on videos-you can capture sales performance throughout the season in interesting accelerated videos, and even add your own hype


Of course, larger clothing brands can also achieve almost immediate success. Last fall, Guess was TikTok’s first brand in the United States to collaborate with the #inmydenim campaign


Does your product need to be assembled? User-friendly step-by-step videos can be made on TikTok and can even be linked to your packaging.


Restaurants also have many opportunities. Chipotle is the first major chain store to jump into the platform. It recently launched its second major TikTok campaign through the #GuacDance challenge, which encourages fans to show off their avocado-themed dance moves, inspired by “Guacamole Song” by Dr. Jean.


#Hashtag challenges are great because they motivate them to actively participate. They are easy to join and fun. If you are not yet a mature brand, you can also consider using celebrities to help you launch a challenge campaign.


As a marketer, but as someone who is heavily influenced by marketing, and someone who regularly writes about social media trends, I like to test new marketing channels and ideas. Usually, if there is something that is growing fast, I will test it for 1-3 months before writing or publishing it publicly.


So far, during my tenure at TikTok, I have seen hope and have the opportunity to connect with the audience in new, interesting and engaging ways.